May I use a drone in Dovrefjell?

Drones are not permitted in  

  • Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella national park, 
  • Hjerkinn protected landscape area with biotope protection, and  

  • Nordre Snøfjellstjørn and Fokstumyra nature reserves 

In the other protected areas, the use of drones is solely regulated by the Aviation Act and the requirement in the Nature Diversity Act to show consideration to the flora and fauna.

Drones can take amazing photos from the air of people on walking trips, interesting objects and landscapes. However, drones can also be annoying for people who are out to experience the natural sounds of nature. And how does a whirling drone impact on a nesting bird or a herd of reindeer? 

Prohibited in the national park, Hjerkinn PLA with biotope protection and two nature reserves, otherwise permitted 

In the national park and Hjerkinn PLA with biotope protection, the use of drones are not permitted. Note that Viewpoint Snøhetta and the last 500m of the path up there are situated here. 

In a nature reserve such as Fokstumyra or Nordre Snøfjelltjørn, where nesting sites for birds are protectedprohibiting model boats or model aircraft or similar including drones that can frighten the birds is common sense. In quaternary geological nature reserves such as Flåman or Bjørndalen, or botanical areas such as the Mardalen valley, there are no special restrictions. This also applies to the protected landscape and biotope protection areas (except Hjerkinn). 

Show consideration 

The use of drones is a relatively new phenomenon and is fast growing in popularity. The advancements in drone technology have outpaced the regulatory framework. Are drones allowed to fly over a protected area? The answer to that depends othe individual protection regulation and the objective of the protection in the area. 

Drone flying is not classed as motor traffic even if the Aviation Act defines it as flying, since the drone does not transport people. The drones can nevertheless create uneasiness. Both the Nature Diversity Act and the conservation regulations state that consideration must be shown and due care taken in all activities in order to ensure that no harm is caused to the nature and cultural valuesno distress is caused to animals and there is no inconvenience to others. 

Nevertheless, we encourage anyone who plans to film inside the protected areas using a drone to show general consideration to the wildlife and the public. The noise of the drone can frighten nesting birds, and birds of prey may try to attack a drone, ending in disaster for both! The wild reindeer and musk ox may also be frightened. 

The National Park Board has put restrictions on drones to ensure that the national park remains an area of calm and recreation. However, the Board may grant applications for dispensation in special cases, where flying is not at odds with the objective of the protection. 

Drone or helicopter 

Using a drone for filming purposes creates less distress than a helicopter. Some producers of nature programmes and nature information films have been given permission to use a helicopter. In such cases, the National Park Board has often stipulated that the national park/conservation values must be clearly featured in the finished production and that unwanted activities must not be filmed. It is always a prerequisite that the motorised traffic is not shown on the film. The Board has also permitted motorised traffic in connection with the filming of a specific area as a holiday destination, for the promotion of local tourism. Using a drone for such purposes may have less impact than the helicopter option. In such cases, the National Park Board must assess the activity according to the general dispensation provision and consider whether a stream of applications can potentially be expected.  

Contact us 

Contact the management of the national park if you are unsure of the regulations. We can guide you. The National Park Board meets about twice in a six-month period, and if you want to apply for a dispensation, you need to submit your application well in advancemeeting schedule and contact details are shown on the home page. 

Here you find guidelines (No) for how we handle applications for different purposes. As you can see, flying for personal use, advertising and the like will not be allowed.  

Come and experience the nature at Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella national park with friends and family. Nature is always best experienced in person. 

Snøhetta – double ban! 


The above text is mainly taken from the Jostedalsbreen national park. 

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