Application for guiding and other organised activities

Musk ox tourists. (Photo: CBJ)
Musk ox tourists. (Photo: CBJ), Foto: Carl S. Bjursteddt

You are welcome to visit our protected areas, but remember – as always in nature – all visitors in the protected areas must act with care in order to ensure that the natural environment is not harmed and that the objectives of protection measures can be achieved. 

Some activities including organised trips through tourist associations, schools, kindergartens etc., and activities that may damage the protected area, require permissiction in the National Park, and in the landscape protected areas Hjerkinn and Knutshø . 


We have prepared a digital form which must be completed by anyone wishing to carry out such activities.on from the National Park Board. The same applies to the new Hjerkinn protected landscape area (PLA) with biotope protection. 

Completing the digital application form here...  
We would like to contact applicants/permit holders by e-mail. The form is therefore only available in a digital format. 

Many questions can be answered and clarified verbally before applying. We therefore recommend that you do this, especially if you are a new visitor or want to introduce a new type of activity, or an activity that has not been carried out in an area before. 

In Dovrefjell-Sunndalsfjella national park, in Hjerkinn PLA with biotope protection and in Knutshø PLA, permission must be sought to carry out activities that can damage the protected areas. Most of the organised activities require permission. See the Regulations on national parks, Section 7 (a) (identical for Hjerkinn PLA with biotope protection) and the regulations for Knutshø, Section 3 (4) on activity. This is further elaborated on in the Management Plan in chapter 6.3 concerning tourism and 6.4 on outdoor life. 

Together with travel companies, the National Park Board has drawn up the Dovrefjell Code for all activity, organised and non-organised, in the protected areas. 

The following standard terms and conditions for organised activity have also been approved by the National Park Board: 

These terms and conditions apply to activities that require permission.  

Note that the arctic fox has special protection status. Visitors are not permitted to approach lairs, or lay bait to create photo opportunities, or otherwise disturb the foxes. Seinformation sheet... 

A detailed extract from the Management Plan is available at the following links: 
- Organised and other activities by walkers in the protected areas in Dovrefjell (No). 
- Guidelines for organised activity in the Management Plan (No).

Applications for activities requiring permission may be rejected, or conditions may be imposed in order to protect the relevant area. For example, we will restrict applications for organised dog sledding tours in the national park to a specific area, see this case (No). 

Activity that requires permission requires a report to be submitted after the relevant event/season. See the web page concerning reporting... (No)

Also note that posts for fitness trailspeak bagging, orienteering and such like in the national park and in Knutshø PLA all require permission. 

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