Visiting the former Hjerkinn shooting range

The Snøheim bus, with Snøhetta in the background (Photo: County governor of Oppland)
The Snøheim bus, with Snøhetta in the background (Photo: County governor of Oppland) , Foto: Fylkesmannen i Oppland

The former Hjerkinn shooting range was decided closed in 1999 and protected as expantion of the national park and a new protected landscape area (PLA) in a Royal decree of 20 April 2018. The conservation regulations states that the roads in the area are closed to motorised traffic, except if special permission has been granted. 

Visitors to Snøheim/Snøhetta during the summer season may take the shuttle bus from Hjerkinn to Snøheim. 

Cycling (not electric bicycles) is permitted on the Snøheimvegen and Vålåsjøhøvegen roads in the period June 1st to July 15th 

Additional traffic restrictions are in force when the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency are clearing the area of explosivesand pedestrians may have to wait some time to pass. The bus does not pick up passengers at the Agencys barriers when this work is being carried out. Passengers therefore need to take the bus from the terminus. 

Roads are closed to vehicles 

The roads in the area are closed to motorised traffic, except for those with special permission. Cycling is only permitted from 1 June to 15 July. Walking is permitted during the periods when no explosion clearances or other clearance work is being undertaken for the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency (see below). Out of consideration to the wild reindeer in the area, we encourage visitors to take the bus into Snøheim, rather than walk on the Snøheimvegen road:  

Shuttle bus to Snøheim 

The shuttle bus this year has five departures every day from  June 28th to  October 6th. The timetable is the same as 2018. The Norwegian Trekking Association is responsible for operating the shuttle bus. Timetables, fares and other information can be found at the following link:  

Note that the bus does not stop for boarding or disembarking between Hjerkinn and Snøheim, except as part of the arrangement for reindeer hunters during the period 20 August to 17 September – see below. Bicycles cannot be taken on the bus. The purpose of the shuttle bus is to reduce the traffic on the Snøheimvegen road so that the wild reindeer can cross the road and migrate southwards to the rich grazing lands of the former shooting range. We therefore encourage all visitors to take the bus rather than walking or cycling. 

During the reindeer hunting season, there are stops for hunters at Haukberget and the Stridåbrua bridge. The last bus to leave takes hunters all the way along the road.  


Normal bicycles can be used on the Snøheimvegen and Vålåsjøvegen roads in the period 1 June to 15 July. Out of consideration to the migration of wild reindeer, cycling is not permitted the remainder of the year or in other parts of the former shooting range. 

In protected areas, electric bicycles are defined as motorised traffic and are not therefore permitted, including on roads closed to motorised traffic. Electric bicycles can of course be used in areas where motorised traffic is permitted. 

Traffic prohibited during explosion clearance and other clearance work in the shooting range 

The Norwegian Defence Estates Agency will continue to clear the area of explosives until 2020, and will remove the physical traces of military activity. The clearance work will also ensure that the former shooting range is safe for visitors. In the summer of 2019 (and the subsequent summer), the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency will continue to carry out major construction work, including the removal of stretches of roads. 

The affected areas must be closed to civilian traffic for safety reasons when work is in progress. Traffic is therefore also prohibited in some areas during certain periods in the summer
The Snøheimvegen road is with few exceptions without restrictions week 24 - 34. In parts of the period week 35 - 41 the road will be closed, visitors will then be stopped by a guard. It is not possible to specify a time for this in advance. The work will be adapted to the shuttle bus timetable. Vehicles that have permission from Dovrefjell National Park Board to drive on the road must therefore follow the shuttle bus at the scheduled bus times. When the road is closed, civilian vehicles will be told to wait for the shuttle bus. Visitors may therefore need to wait if their trip does not coincide with shuttle bus departure times. 

Restrictions om movement in parts of the terrain applies for weekdays (MondayFriday) 07:0020:00 (weekend and night-time travel is therefore permitted) during the following periods: 

  • June 24th - July 12th (weeks 26-28), weeks 25-28 in addition construcktion work with restrictions in Svånådalen - map/info...
  • August 5th - 9th (week 32) and August 19th - 23th (week 34), weeks 31 - 34 in addition construcktion work with restrictions in Svånådalen and Grisungdalen - map/info...
  • September 2th -13th (weeks 36 og 37)
    Weeks 35 - 37 in addition construcktion work with restrictions in Svånådalen and Grisungdalen - map/info...
  • Weeks 38 - 41 construcktion work with restrictions in Svånådalen and Grisungdalen - map/info...
See also the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency’s website (No)

You can also read more about Norway’s largest nature restoration project at (No), or in this years newsletter from the Norwegian Defence Estates Agency to households in affected municipalities. 

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