Welcome to the Dovrefjell Musk Ox Trail

The musk ox is a popular object for guided hikes and lone trekkers. Photo: Carl S. Bjurstedt
The musk ox is a popular object for guided hikes and lone trekkers. Photo: Carl S. Bjurstedt, Foto: Carl S. Bjursteddt

Dovrefjell is beside the realm of the wild mountain reindeer also the realm of the musk ox. This area is home to Norway’s only musk ox population. If you follow the marked Musk Ox Trail there is a good chance you’ll get to see these shaggy prehistoric animals.

Musk oxen are frequently encountered all along the trail west of route E6, but they are most commonly spotted from Høgsnyta.

Map of the trail...

There are several trail options available, ranging in length from 4.5 kilometres to 15 kilometres. The trail begins and ends at Kongsvoll or Grønbakken. Trail topography includes both subalpine mountain birch forests and alpine tundra, and it is possible to take a detour to the viewpoint at Høgsnyta (1320 metres above sea level).

East of route E6 the trail follows Pilgrim Path, the old thoroughfare from Oslo to Nidaros. There are no musk oxen here, but if you bring binoculars it is not uncommon to be able to spot animals to the west of route E6.

Please remember: Maintain a safe distance from the musk oxen!

If the musk ox feel threatened, they may attack. It is faster than you (0-40 mph in one second)! Should you see any musk ox on or near the trail, please walk a wide circle around them. Please maintain a distance of at least 200 metres between you and the animals to prevent disturbing the musk ox. Early in the summer, some musk oxen may venture into the subalpine birch forest, so pay close attention.

By staying on the Musk Ox Trail you are helping protect the wild reindeer population in the area. It is important to reduce the number of hikers into Stroplsjødalen, which is a migration route for wild reindeer.

The trail is marked by wooden posts bearing the national park logo, and all trail intersections have a signpost and a map. Thank you for staying on the trail. Happy hiking!

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The BBC has been to Dovrefjell recently to film musk oxes fighting over their harem. Sir David Attenborough comments - here...
Filmed in collaboration with one of the approved musk guides - Oppdal Safari. Shown on BBC Earth December 12th 2019.

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